About the club


CEO Club Ukraine is, first and foremost, the community accumulating energy, experience, knowledge, ideas and possibilities of strong and successful persons

Sergey Gaydaychuk,

President of CEO Club Ukraine

CEO Club Ukraine is the main business club in Ukraine that brings together leaders of local and international companies for development,communication and cooperation.

We attract key persons from different business fields, encourage the exchange of experiences and contacts, create the environment of trust and mutual support.

CEO Club participants are more than 140 owners and CEOs of medium and large businesses, who share common values and interests.

Criteria for CEO Club membership:

  • Status of a business leader: Owner, Partner, CEO, Executive Board or Supervisory Board Member
  • Company annual turnover over $ 10 million
  • Positive goodwill
  • Sharing community values
  • Fitting diversification strategy

CEO Club organizes over 100 events per year in the following formats:

  • Business breakfasts for discussing current topics
  • Meetings with political and public figures
  • Roundtables for reviewing specific issues with invited speakers – experts and business leaders from Ukraine or abroad
  • Informal discussion evenings with a glass of wine
  • Family meetings on the topics of family, health, arts etc.
  • Permanent “peer-to-peer” groups for resolving specific cases of club members
  • Parties and entertaining events for club members and their families
  • Internal training programs
  • International business tours and participation in conferences
How we stand out
  • We bring together individuals, not companies.
  • We create added value through integration and fruitful cooperation; organizing events for us is a tool, not a goal.
  • We ensure diversity by balancing representatives of different business areas, views, age groups etc.
  • We take value criteria as a priority when attracting and selecting participants.
  • We have common interests and ideas beyond business.
  • We use the power of community to address social and economic issues in this country.
Our values:
We encourage exchange of knowledge, opinions and ideas. We are constantly learning and improving in what we do.
We value honesty in deeds and words. We stay together with people we trust.
We are responsible for what is happening around us. We join our efforts to make changes for the better.
We share information, experience and contacts. We help each other and cooperate.
We encourage diversity of opinions, approaches and views.

Serhiy Haydaychuk is a founder and president of CEO Club Ukraine. Among his projects also are Ukrainian Real Estate Club, Club-100, club for young entrepreneurs Young Business Club.