CEO Club Ukraine
10 years uniting top business leaders
CEO Club Ukraine is a private intellectual club that during the last 10 years has been uniting business leaders for for development, communication and cooperation.
About us
CEO Club Ukraine is a private intellectual club that during the last 10 years has been uniting business leaders for development, communication and cooperation.
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CEO Club Ukraine is:
with high reputation standards and common values
conducive environment
100+ events
the entry-point
a meeting space
a community
for cooperation between individuals and organizations, at both local and global levels
per year with TOP Ukrainian and international business leaders
to Ukrainian market for foreign investors
A meeting space
for top business leaders, experts, government representatives
Club life
Club is a place where members improve their managing skills, participate in intellectual programs, discuss socio-economic issues and spend quality time together.

We gladly invite international delegations and organizations, potential investors, experts and everyone who is interested in establishing cooperation with Ukraine to meet and collaborate.
The members of the club are 220 CEOs and owners of medium and large businesses, who have fulfilled themselves as managers and are striving for the further growth in the other aspects of life.

Among the club members there are executives from Carlsberg, CISCO, Henkel, EY, Baker&Mckenzie, BakerTilly, DB Schenker, Johnson & Johnson, SEB Bank, Origin Holdings Ukraine, Ajax Systems, MacPaw, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Hörmann UA.
Membership criteria
This guarantees a common level of communication, goals and inquiries so participants can be useful to each other. For certain areas, the requirement for a minimum turnover may be higher.
The status of the highest-ranking person in a company which annual turnover is $20 million or more
Besides confirming candidate's business reputation, the club makes sure there are no conficts with existing members and takes into account subjective feedback on compliance with the club's culture.
Positive feedback
from the club community
The club aims to attract participants from various fields, maintain gender balance and broad regional representation. Due to this, the recruitment of new participants from certain areas may be suspended.
Diversification strategy compliance
According to world club traditions, each club must have its own place of power. It is a valuable space for quality leisure, a place of trust and comfort for the entire CEO Club community. The clubhouse is a platform for development, a meeting place for leading speakers, intellectuals and experts, as well as a co-creation platform.
CEO Club House
CEO Club Foundation
In order to address complex issues systematically, business leaders of the CEO club unite their efforts and resources to embody social, cultural and ecological initiatives together.

Some recent projects include: global initiative Greening the planet, targeted support program for children from vulnerable categories Generation+, Bill Gates "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster" book translation, support for the hospitals during COVID-19 pandemic.
Some moments of CEO Club life
Among CEO Club guests
Garry Jacobs
Anders Aslund
Michael Wader
Francis Fukuyama
Swedish economist, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council
CEO, World Academy of Art & Science
President Lean Plus
American political scientist, political economist

Contact us to organize a meetup with Ukrainian business,
perform as an expert or other collaboration.

+38 044 22 888 13
CEO Club President
Serhiy Haydaychuk is a founder and president of the largest Ukrainian business club – CEO Club Ukraine, which unites more than 220 CEOs and owners of medium and large businesses for development, communication and cooperation. He is also a member of the National Council of Reforms under the President of Ukraine.

Serhiy is an expert in building business communities, with more than a dozen successfully launched community-based projects: Young Business Club, Ukrainian Real Estate Club, launch of the Ukrainian branch of YPO, Club-100, etc.
Board Members
The Board’s remit includes defining strategy, overseeing compliance with the code of ethics, selecting candidates and approving new members.
Founder and President
CEO Club Ukraine
Serhiy Haidaychuk
Vyacheslav Lysenko
Founder Ukr-China Communications
Andriy Kozin
Managing Partner
Focus Estate Fund
Dmytro Volkonskyi
Uatech Holding
Oleksandr Kosovan
Founder and CEO MacPaw
Yana Matviychuk
Yehor Hrebennikov
Managing Co-owner TIS
Contact information
Please contact us at:
044 228 8813
Butyshev provulok, 23
Kyiv, Ukraine 04050